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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing! Read More

6 amazing big cats!

6 amazing big cats!

The cat family is a rich and diverse collection of species, ranging from the domesticated house cat to the iconic lion. BBC’s programme Big Cats gave us an insight into the secret lives of wild cats using cutting-edge technology. Here we explore more facts about these amazing animals. A wild tiger is well camouflaged by […] Read More

Risks to Whales Today

Whales live in a place we know less about than the planet Mars. Brought to life by programmes like Blue Planet 2, we’ve now seen the various threats facing whale populations. From ship strikes to pollution, to being caught in fishing equipment, whales need our help. It’s hard not to be moved by images of […] Read More

We must remember animals

Natural disasters like earthquakes cause terrible destruction – and animals are often the forgotten victims. Eight years ago, just before 5pm on 12 January, dogs began frantically barking all over Haiti. Seconds later the ground shook as a massive earthquake unleashed its tremendous power, killing over 240,000 people. Such massive loss of life, was heart-breaking and […] Read More

Goodbye Max

Max, a beloved resident of the supporter-funded bear sanctuary in Romania, has passed away peacefully after a short illness. Poached from the wild as a cub in 1997, Max endured 11 years as a photo prop for tourists in the town of Sinaia, Romania. By the time he was rescued, he’d been chained to the same spot […] Read More

Puppy’s First Grooming – Groomer’s Corner

At What Age Can I Start Getting My Puppy Groomed? Officially it is best to wait until your new puppy is 8 weeks old, and can leave their mother before you consider getting them groomed. Once the puppy has been introduced to its new home and has established relations with the new owner they can […] Read More

Softer and Sweeter: A Reactive Dog Grows Up

Softer and Sweeter: A Reactive Dog Grows Up

This blog began with the challenges of a reactive dog. Some day I’ll tell you the story of when Ruby’s reactivity first appeared and how I spent a lot of time blaming myself and the choices I made for it. Today I’m here to tell you that Ruby is still – will always be – […] Read More

A Beautiful Cat For Sale

A Beautiful Cat For Sale

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